With this declaration, we inform you about collecting, processing and use of your personal

data, which ENERMETAL d.o.o. collects from you, when you agree to receive our newsletter,

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effect for the future.



The personal data controller as defined by Data Protection Directive and General Data

Protection Regulation – GDPR is:


Martinjak 71

1380 Cerknica

VAT number: SI34807519

Registration number: 6889930000

Personal data and processing purposes

If you wish to receive content from ENERMETAL d.o.o. you can subscribe or unsubscribe from

the following processes:

  • occasionally e-news
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By confirming forms, ordering, registering and submitting, ENERMETAL d.o.o. will receive

your personal data such as:

 name

 last name

 e-mail

 phone number

Contact information, which you share with us by submitting forms, registering or ordering is

necessary for processing and completing your order and for communicating with you

regarding e-news, events, news about exclusive offers and our publications. ENERMETAL

d.o.o. respects and will respect your privacy and is obliged to act carefully and responsibly

and in compliance with legislation regarding collecting, storing and processing of your

personal data. There might be links to other sites outside of our web service information

system for which we do not take any responsibility regarding protection of personal data.

We use different technical and organizational procedures to protect collected data to avoid

unauthorized access or reveal, to maintain exactness and to ensure its appropriate use.

ENERMETAL d.o.o. cannot, in general, exclude the possibility of data leaking or misuse of the

information due to the openness of some web technologies which can be compromised and

are out of our control.

Warning: EU GDPR does not enforce any particular technical actions to protect the identity of

the website owner or data controller, as it does not demand any identity revealing from the

website visitor. Until further steps in the legislation are taken, every decision regarding the

data controllers’ identity is up to website visitor. We kindly ask you to check the data

controllers’ identity in every possible way. The data controller does not have and is not able

to give a guarantee, whether the agreement for collecting and processing personal data was

obtained from the person, whom it refers since the user does not identify to the website

owner (data controller) in a unique and verifiable way.

The data controller manages the websites listed below

Company ENERMETAL d.o.o. manages following websites:

Website Description

enermetal.si Company information website.



We store and process your personal information which you give us by subscribing on e-

newsletter, events, notifications about exclusive offers and opportunities and other

publications of ENERMETAL d.o.o. with your undoubtful agreement and consent as required

in Article 6 (1), (a) in EU General Data Protection Regulative. We also process information

about the views of received messages and clicks on the links in the received messages to

improve the quality of our products and services and for statistical analyses.

You agree to the processing of personal data on the ENERMETAL d.o.o. website d.o.o. on

forms, order forms, applications or registrations where you submit your personal

information. Each time you are informed about the processing details and asked to agree

with it. ENERMETAL d.o.o. does not require your consent for processing when the purpose of

collecting personal data exceeds the necessary level of processing for which you visited the



Data controller ENERMETAL d.o.o. uses service for sending legally confirmed emails to inform

you about changes of Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. It enables the Data controller to

have verified and reliable evidence for prompt informing about the changes.

Personal data, collected for the purposes, where no consent is required as there is other

legislation in force (for storing documents, contracts, receipts or other documents. ) is stored

and secured in compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation.


Your rights

EU General Data Protection Regulation gives you the right to access your personal data, to correct it, you have the right to be forgotten – to request removing and deletion of all your

personal data you had submitted to the Data controllers’ website(s). You have the right to

remove it, to remove permission for different kinds of processing and also the right to file a

complaint. If you believe your rights were violated on websites of company ENERMETAL d.o.o., you may contact Informacijski pooblaščenec Republike Slovenije (Zaloška 59, 1000 Ljubljana, phone +

386 1 230 97 30, fax: 386 1 230 97 78, e-mail:gp.ip@ip-rs.si).


Storing period of personal data

We store your personal data as long as we need it to send you our newsletters, special offers,

invitations for events, publications or others. The saving period can vary due to different

legislative obligations for services like ours (such would be VAT related law, accounting

regulations or similar).

When the applicable sectoral legislation requires mandatory deadlines for the retention of

personal data, ENERMETAL d.o.o. will delete personal data after the statutory compulsory